Into the Woods Percussion

Act 1 Percussion Highlights
Into The Woods by Stephen Sondheim

0:00 Part 1-9 Act 1 Opening
5:18 Part 10 Cinderella at the Grave
5:34 Part 11 Hello, Little Girl
8:04 Part 13-17 I Guess This is Goodbye
9:05 Part 18-22 I Know Things Now
10:14 Part 23 Giants in the Sky
11:17 Part 24 Fanfares
11:27 Part 28 It Takes Two
12:10 Part 31 Stay With Me
12:28 Part 33 On The Steps of the Palace
13:09 Part 36-39 Act1 Finale

Footage taken from two performances of Into the Woods. MainStage was used for the following samples: chimes, crotales, timpani, and electronic drums. Part 11, "Hello Little Girl" should be brushes on snare. Part 35, "The Potion" the sandpaper block sound effect was programmed into the keyboard book so this was omitted in percussion.

•Piccolo Snare Drum: Pearl Philharmonic 13"x 4" Maple
•Bass Drum: Gretsch 28"x10"
•Tom Toms: Yamaha concert 10"-12"-13"
•Cymbal (Suspended): 18" Paiste Symphonic Light
•Small Choke Cymbal: Zildjian 10" A Custom Splash
•Hi-Hat: Zildjian 14" A Custom
•Anvil: Steve Weiss steel square tube
•Temple Blocks: 3 LP Granite Blocks
•Wood Block: Grover 6"
•Xylophone: 3.0 octave Deagan
•Bell Tree
•Bells (Glockenspiel): Leedy 1-1/4" Bars
•Cow Bell: Pearl HH-3
•Crotales: Via Mainstage
•Triangle (Medium): 6" Grover Bronze
•Triangle (Small): 4" Grover Bronze on Miller Machine
•Finger Cymbals
•Sandpaper Blocks: *Played in Keyboard Book
•Electronic Drums: Via Mainstage
•Chimes: Via Mainstage
•Timpani: Via Mainstage

•Xylophone: Malletech "Becker Blues" BB34
•Xylophone and Bells: Artifact Draco 1" Black Lexan
•Bells: Malletech OR45R 1-1/8" White Ball
•Bass Drum: Gauger #22 Pair
•Snare Drum Combo: Gauger TG25
•Snare Drum Sticks: Vic Firth 5B
•Brushes: Regal Tip
•Triangle Beater: Grover

•Triangle Machine:
•Keyboard: M-Audio Keystation 49 with sustain pedal
•Amplifier: Yamaha DBR10 700W 10" Powered Speaker
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