Introducing Acustica Audio Sienna | The headphone mixing plugin

Sienna is a headphone mixing plugin from Acustica Audio that provides a tailored correction to your headphone curve and emulates thru sampling different studios, spaces, and devices as if you were mixing right there.

Plug-in Format(s): VST, AU, AAX

The suite contains four plugins:

1) Sienna Reference:
This plugin focuses on headphone correction with filtering.
2) Sienna Rooms:
For room emulations + headphone correction.
3) Sienna' Guru':
It is an advanced version with additional fine-tuning controls.
4) Sienna Reference Pro:
This plugin is an advanced 'extra' version of the Sienna Reference, featuring additional fine-tuning controls

Sienna includes over 200 headphone emulations from the world's most famous brands that we carefully measured and profiled.

There are several additional "Volumes" for Sienna, ranging from top-notch studios, audiophile mastering rooms, HI-FI systems to car stereos, boomboxes, and more.

Once you insert Sienna on the monitoring bus or output in your DAW, you only need to choose your headphone model and set the applied correction according to your preferences.
If you want to feel like mixing on an actual studio or want to listen to your mix on a car, you can use Sienna Rooms or Guru.
Sienna also emulates the harmonic distortion; this means that increasing the input increases the volume, and the speakers, sub woofer, and the rooms or clubs will be excited by the sound pressure as it happens in real life.

We included many presets on Sienna to make the experience easier, from Artificial Intelligence ones that analyze the music you are working on to mixing dedicated and ideal settings created by the engineer that works in the specific room or studio.
You can also save multiple presets with different headphones, rooms, and settings for easy recall.

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