Introducing the Channel Master PreAmp 1 TV Antenna Preamplifier - OTA Signal Amplifier [CM-7779HD]

Introducing the Channel Master PreAmp 1, a professional-grade TV antenna pre-amplifier designed to enhance the performance of any outdoor TV antenna without a built-in amplifier. The PreAmp 1 will boost antenna signal strength, improve signal quality and may increase the number of channels received. The PreAmp 1 includes all of the same features as Channel Master's popular Amplify pre-amplifier along with a few new features. The new high/low gain adjustment switch is located on the power inserter and can be adjusted from inside the home. The ultra low noise amplifier also leverages a new internal filter design that is optimized to support current digital TV standards as well as future TV standards such as NexGen TV/ATSC 3.0, 4K, and more. The heavy-duty weatherproof metal housing is designed to be installed outdoors near the antenna where it will provide the best results. The mounting bracket included with the PreAmp 1 will accommodate a mast or mounting pole up to 2" in diameter. There is also no need for an electrical outlet outside near the antenna, the PreAmp 1 can be powered over the coaxial cable using the included power inserter.

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