IRF530 Push Pull Amplifier - Part 4

In this video I complete the amplifier and do a few tests. I'll probably do some more experimentation/tests in a future video. The spreadhseet with the biasing results is here:

0:00 Alternative biasing for 2SC1971
2:23 FInal stage on the board
2:55 Description of L1 and T3 on the board
3:26 2SC1971 reinstalled and FInal stage SMD components installed
4:37 220 ohm feedback resistors installed
5:32 How to wind T3
7:25 Testing continuity of T3
8:05 T3 and L1 installed
8:36 First test without heatsink
9:40 Trace on the oscilloscope
10:15 Board mounted on the heatsink
10:40 Tested with board on heatsink
11:47 Self Oscillation? with increased (3.75V) gate voltage
12:35 Testing the amp with an AM signal
13:40 Wrap up
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