Iron Man: Retribution | A Marvel Audio Drama

Things are going well for Tony Stark: Stark Industries is constantly climbing the stock market and Iron Man is on every front page in New York and beyond. A new villain is on the rise however that could shake up everything...

***The following contains coarse language: viewer discretion is advised***

The Incredible Cast:
Alex Hom as Tony Stark:

ShadowGamingVA as Pepper Potts and Reporter 1:

Joshawa Stell as The Mandarin:

Gina M as Lady Bullseye:

Steven Villanova as Obadiah Stane:

Christopher Busch as Rhodey, Happy Hogan, and the Unicorn:

Koriander L. Parker as Norman Osborn

Chris Luongo as Glenn McDaniel:

Altrox as Killian

jva25 as Yuri Watanabe:

John Bromin as Stilt-Man and Thug 1:

Pierce Luigi as Auctioneer and Thug 4:

Mladamoma as Maria Hill and Thug 2
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