Is The 5 Watt Champ ENOUGH?

I recently swapped another amp for this lovely hand wired Fender 57 Custom Tweed Champ. It is a small amp, only 5 watts with an 8 inch speaker - but what can you use it for? Is it enough to be your only amp? Let's find out!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Unusual Amp Trade
0:42 The Champ
1:46 In The Mix
3:29 Great for Recording?
4:23 How LOUD Is it?
6:59 Isolated Demo Les Paul
10:53 Isolated Demo Telecaster
12:42 With Pedals
16:05 Who is it for?
20:31 Protein Pedal Giveaway!
20:57 Pink Protein Raffle for Charity
21:59 Playing out on the Telecaster
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