Is There an Easier Way to Wire a Loud Harley Stereo System?

When installing a Harley stereo system make life easier by using a Radio T harness . In this video I show you how to save a ton of time installing a new amplifier and digital sound processor in your Harley Davidson Bagger. I show you how to use The radio T harness on a 2019 Harley Road Glide, with a Helix 4 channel amplifier, and a Rockford Fosgate DSR1 digital sound processor. Using a radio T harness makes all of the connections between your radio, amplifier, DSP, and speakers much simpler and cleaner by locating all connections on a single harness that is plug and play to the bike.


Quick overview of what the radio T harness is
How to use the built-in sound processor power harness connections Comercial (26 seconds)
Using the modular feature of the processor power harness
Explanation of the speaker level RCA outputs and what kind of amplifiers should be used with this harness and which kind of amplifiers are not compatible with this harness
Explanation of speaker connections and the pre-terminated wire ends
Explanation of integrated radio load network
Overview of the wire harness with all connections made and ready to go into the bike
Connections to the bike

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