Is Vintage Audio Gear Better or More Nostalgic?

In this video, we explore whether vintage audio gear it truly better than today's modern electronics and loudspeakers or if the fascination has more to do with nostalgia. We talk about vintage stereo receivers from the 70s vs ones from this decade. Are the inflated asking prices for used vintage gear really worth it? Or are audiophiles being taken advantage of? We look at the progression of loudspeakers over the decades and how some of the designs from the early days are absolutely unacceptable by today's standards for performance reasons.

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Recommended Headphones:
Focal Bathys:
Focal Celestee:
Mark Levinson 5909:
Sony WF-1000XM3:

Recommended Subwoofers:
SVS SB-1000 Pro:
SVS PB-1000 Pro:
SVS SB-3000:
Paradigm Defiance X12:

Recommended AV Receivers:
Denon AVR-X3800H 9.2CH AV Receiver:
Marantz Cinema 50:
Yamaha RX-A2A:
Denon AVR-X6700H 11.2CH AV Receiver:
Anthem MRX1140:
Monolith M8250x 8CH Amp:
NAD M23:

Recommended Powered Speakers:
Kanto YU4:
Kanto YU6:
Kanto TUK:
Kanto Sub8:

Recommended Speakers:
SVS Prime 5.1 Speaker / Sub System:
Polk R700 Tower Speakers:
Heco Aurora 700:
Heco Aurora 1000 Tower Speakers:
Klipsch RP-8000F II Tower Speakers:
Arendal 1723S Tower Speakers:
Focal Aria K2 936:
Focal Kanta No2:
Sony SSCS5 Speakers:
SVS Prime Elevation Surround:

Audioholics Recommended Cables:
250ft CL2 12AWG Speaker Cable:
50ft 10AWG Speaker Cable:
Locking Banana Plugs:
9ft 4K HDR HDMI Cables:

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