ISD1820 Sampler / Audio Drone Generator (Demo & Schematic)

This is a very simple & lo-fi Sampler based on four ISD1820 modules, inspired by many similar projects available on the internet.

The schematic for the project is illustrated at ~1min mark in the video.

If notes of a chord are sampled in the channels and then played as loops, some interesting drones can be created.
In this demo, I have sampled the notes of Dminor chord (as piano tone) in 3/4 samplers and one d-note as synth/ string section in the 4th one. By changing the playback speed, i.e., the pitch of each sample channel some very dissonant and haunting drones can be created, as demonstrated in the video.

Each sampler (out of 4) can store approx. 5-15secs of audio (recorded through the electret mic) and the samples can be played-back:
i. with the momentary switches (level triggered) and
ii. can also be looped using the sliding switches.
The pitch and volume of each channel can be controlled through the potentiometers.
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