Isn't She Lovely - Toshiki Soeijma (Solo Guitar)(Live in Himeji)

Toshiki Soejima
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Grande uomo
新敏製革所 - Shintoshi Seikakusho
姫路市高木地区 - Takagi district, Himeji city

My debut EP “Life” is out now.
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Toshiki Soejima is Neo-Soul Guitarist from Japan.

Toshiki’s musical journey began when he picked up the guitar for the first time at age fourteen.

From 2010 to 2014, Toshiki attended the Rikkyo Univercity to study Business Administration. In 2016, After graduation he start up a company which manage music school. His music school is grow up one of the most popular music school in Japan. He teach “Neo-Soul” professionally in school. Now his school has about 450 students across Japan.

Toshiki continues to follow his passion in Japan.

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