Jayco Swan Runs the Air Conditioner, Induction cooker and more from batteries. Off Grid Setup.

Jayco Swan factory integrated
-300a/h of solarking lithium batteries
-Victron 1200/12 Multiplus inverter/charger running on all of the factory CMS outlets including the Air Conditioner. This will run a toaster, induction cooker, coffee machine, microwave, air fryer, and more. All completely off grid from solar and batteries.
-enerdrive 40+ dc to dc charger for fast vehicle charging and extra portable solar if required.
-Victron bmv712 battery monitoring system
-400 watts of mono-perc roof mounted solar
-Victron 30/100 smart solar charge controller

This is an overlay system that allows the factory fitted PM35 power management system to function as it is required. No impact on the system and can easily be removed and reverted back to factory anytime. This setup will allow the use of all the Factory CMS outlets seamlessly.
A perfect entry level off grid setup with factory integration
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