JBL HDI 1600 VS Quad Z2 HiFi Speaker Sound Demo Comparison !

THERE ARE NO SUBWOOFERS PLAYING IN THIS SOUND DEMO - Remember to put the video in its highest quality 4K if possible for the best sound quality

In this video I am doing a Sound Demo comparison as part of the full reviews of the JBL HDI 1600 and the Quad Z2 HiFi speakers as part of a stand mount speaker group test where I am comparing 8 different speakers that cost up to £2000. If that is of interest make sure you subscribe to the channel

For the full review of the JBL HDI1600 see here https://youtu.be/vrMtsAKfd78
For the full review of the Quad Z2 see here https://youtu.be/PAdQjoPSebo

For the full review of the JBL 4309 see here https://youtu.be/S1-lnPJzXGY
For the full review of the Arendal 1723 THX see here https://youtu.be/aiyfRuFy81M
For the Sound demo between the 4309 and the 1723 see here https://youtu.be/aiyfRuFy81M

For the Review of the Dynaudio Evoke 20 see here https://youtu.be/aeWnk9hyxlw
For the Review of the Sonus faber Sonetto II see here https://youtu.be/sSY4-nqnumI
For the sound demo between the Evoke 20 and Sonetto II see here https://youtu.be/1rscnKr6R7U

For a video about the Atacama NeXXus speaker stands you see in the video here https://youtu.be/Txxx40-LBOo

All the music used in this video was selected by you the viewers and is all streamed from Qobuz

1. Whiskey And You Chris Stapleton https://geni.us/3UZAGsa
2. Fever Peggy Lee https://geni.us/PBFvCMJ
3. Birds Of The High Arctic David Gray https://geni.us/ZGaXQjm
4. Dune Ottmar Liebert https://geni.us/uQ7rRog
5. Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont https://geni.us/T1EA

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0:00 Intro
2:18 Whiskey JBL
4:17 Whiskey Quad
6:13 Fever JBL
9:29 Fever Quad
12:47 Birds JBL
15:26 Birds Quad
18:06 Dune JBL
20:57 Dune Quad
23:45 Ocean Drive JBL
26:05 Ocean Drive Quad

The HiFi system components I used to review these speakers and whats playing in this video

50+ Acoustic Treatments from GIK Acoustics

Music Source Custom Built Audio PC featuring products from JCAT XE USB Card, Optimo 3 Duo Linear Power Supply, Signature Cables USB and SATA, Net Femto Network Card, JCAT Grounding Cable

Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler connected with Wave High Fidelity Cables

Chord Electronics QUTEST DAC with the stock power supply

Leema Acoustics Tucana II Anniversary Amplifier https://youtu.be/eVPNtE-mHhs

Power IsoTek EVO 3 NOVA / IsoTek Genesis One / IsoTek EVO 3 Titan

Tellurium Q Statement Analogue Cable https://youtu.be/bk17xI6op84
Power Cables Tellurium Q Silver, Silver Diamond

Tungsten Grooves W70 Isolation Feet https://youtu.be/PnkQOl1jAAA

SOtM iSO-CAT6 Network Isolation Transformer https://www.pursuitperfectsystem.com/sotm-experience-sms-200-neo-vs-sms-200-ultra-neo-network-audio-players/

Video Equipment



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