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JBL's Stadium series car speakers focus on the sound quality, giving you a real hi-fi replacement for your underwhelming factory-installed speakers. They feature a high-sensitivity, low-impedance design, so they'll work well no matter how much or how little power you throw at them.

JBL Stadium speakers: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2QH/shopsearch/jbl_stadium_speakers.html

JBL uses premium materials and a robust design for their Stadium speakers. Their glass-fiber woofer cone connects to a rubber surround for maximum travel and durability, while a large magnet and an oversized voice coil make for a complete, hardy package ready for life inside your vehicle's doors.

Edge-driven, aluminum-dome tweeters provide a more open response with minimal audio distortion. The tweeters on the coaxial designs can be angled up from the doors, aiming more directly at your listening position. JBL Stadium speakers are available in a variety of sizes in both coaxial and component, or "separate," designs.

JBL Stadium speakers feature a 3-ohm impedance and a high-sensitivity design, which means they'll play crisp and clear even when connected to your low-power factory system. They'll perform even more brilliantly when you feed them more power, however, from an aftermarket stereo or a separate amplifier. Their versatility makes them a perfect choice in a wide variety of applications.

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