Jean Pierre by Marcus Miller - Museic Model R Loudspeaker Sound Demonstration

This is a sound demo of Museic Model R Hi-Fi loudspeaker. Museic Model R is a limited production custom hand-made 3 way Hi-Fi high-end passive bass-reflex loudspeaker. Model R has a reference type, big sound. All Museic models are designed and assembled by Serdar Öner by hand.

You can visit Museic web site for more detailed information about Museic loudspeakers: https://museicsoundworks.wordpress.com/

Source is Yamaha A-S2100 with Arylic S10 Receiver. All flat, no tone controls applied. Recorded with a smartphone at reasonable sound levels.

Copyright Information:
The song playing: "Happiness is Easy"
Artist: "Marcus Miller"
Album: "Free"
All rights of the music belongs to the respective copyright owners.
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