Hello Tribe,
Here is my pick for the best value by far for a TRUE HiFi Power Amplifier.

Ask any Jeff Rowland owner about how the piece is and you will always get the same answer. Phenomenal in one way or all of them. Jeff is an innovator, so he was doing class D 12 years ago along with switching power supplies 20 years ago, so by this time hes got it down pat.
These amplifiers are made in U.S.A. and designed by JEFF ROWLAND HIMSELF (input section in this case, and the latest Bang and Olufsen output module for output)
The key in this case is the input section. Many people can just plop a module in a box, but the genius is in Jeffs trademark class A differential, (Lundahl) transformer coupled input. Just listen to how killer it sounds. and the chassis and hardware are EXACTLY like the big amps Jeff makes. Milled out of a block of aircraft grade aluminum, not poured into a mold and cast. The resonant properties of billet aluminum are better for sonics. From the second you hold this piece you are innately aware you own a piece of American history. For the last 40 years Jeff Rowland gear is STILL in the field making music. Jeff is in his 70's so, to own one of these hand assembled pieces, is to TRULY own a piece of history from one of the greatest AMERICAN marquis from the heydey of HiFi.. you will understand what the whole Rowland "THING" is once you have one . They are only $3300 brand new and if you are a Tribe member then you need to listen up for whats coming !!

SEE ya !!

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