JM Audio OCD Extreme Stealth Edition V7 (HiFiMan HE-R9 Mod) Headphone Review

Thanks to JM Audio for the loan of OCD Stealth Edition!

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HiFiMan HE-R9 (stock):
HiFiMan HE-R10d:
Focal Radiance:
Audeze LCD-XC 2021:
Schiit Bifrost 2/64:
Hiby RS6 DAP:


00:00 Intro, Pricing, Disclaimers
03:16 Shameless Self Promotion
03:44 Build: What is Changed From Stock?
08:03 Wiring Changes & Cabling
10:29 JM's Quality Control
12:00 Quick Recap of HE-R9
13:16 Test Gear Used
15:10 The Marketing Claims
15:58 Isolation & Leakage
17:22 Sound
24:48 Physical Comfort...Affecting Sound?
26:13 Comparisons w/ R10d, Radiance, LCD-XC
31:10 Final Thoughts
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