Joe Satriani Live House of Blues Houston 2022

Joe Satriani Incredible performance House of Blues Houston 2022
HD Stereo best Satriani video on youtube
Live at House of Blues Houston 2022
Yes, he is a guitar alien...
Kenny Aronoff

00:00 Nineteen Eighty
04:37 Sahara
09:04 The Elephants of Mars
15:12 Ice 9
21:31 Thunder High on the Mountain
One Big Rush
30:50 Blue Foot Groovy
36:00 Flying in a Blue Dream
41:41 Spirits, Ghosts and Outlaws
47:47 Crystal Planet
52:41 Summer Song
58:44 Energy
1:00:20 Cool #9
Ali Farka, Dick Dale, an Alien and Me
01:11:40 Teardrops
01:15:12 Luminous Flesh Giants
01:22:10 If I Could Fly
01:28:18 Always With Me, Always With You
01:31:42 Satch Boogie
01:38:00 Surfing With the Alien
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