Joyo BanTamp XL Tweedy | Tube-flavored Fender amp tones + extra features for €159! Review & Demo

Today we’re taking a look at the Joyo BanTamp XL Tweedy, an affordable two-channel Fender-flavored guitar amplifier with a nifty little few extra features!

Get the Tweedy here:

Joyo’s BanTamp XL range is an evolution of the brand’s top-selling mini BanTamp family, and the Tweedy aims to deliver all tones you’d expect from a classic American-voiced tube amplifier.

Coming in at a very lightweight 1.3 kg (that’s just under 3 lbs.), the Tweedy is 20 watts, and it’s a hybrid amp: there’s a single 12AX7 tube in the preamp, and the power amp is Class D. The amp has two channels – which you can flick between using a switch on the amp, or by using the included footswitch – and each has its own set of four controls for Volume, Gain, Tone, and Voice. The Voice control lets you tweak the overall tonal characteristics of the amp – turn it all the way down to scoop out the mids and lower the overall gain, and push it up to add in those mid frequencies and an extra helping of drive.

On the back, the Tweedy has outputs for headphones (perfect for silent practice), the channel footswitch and a guitar cab, and it also has an FX Loop – very handy if you want to connect delays and reverbs. You can also connect to the Tweedy via Bluetooth, which makes it easy to start jamming along to backing tracks.

All this seems like pretty amazing value for €159 (or under $200 in North America), but how does the Tweedy actually sound? That’s what we’re going to address in this video! I put the amp through its paces in as many different musical genres as possible, from pop and blues to indie, classic rock, punk, alternative rock, metal, and more.

Using my Fender Telecaster for single coil tones, and my humbucker-equipped Epiphone Les Paul, I also see how the Tweedy takes drive pedals and the Harley Benton Delay & Reverb in its FX Loop, and at the end I do a loop with each guitar where we really get to twist all of the amp’s knobs and see what extremes we can get it to!

Here are some links to the various playing samples and info bits:

00:00 Hello!
00:11 Introduction to the Tweedy
00:47 Specs and features
01:37 Front panel
02:54 Back panel
03:31 Today’s plan and rig signal chain

Humbucker sound samples
04:44 Both amp channels with all controls at 12 o’clock
04:59 Clean tones
06:15 Indie rock tones
07:51 Classic rock tones
08:51 Hard rock tones
10:08 Modern rock tones
10:39 Punk rock tones
11:18 Progressive rock tones (Drop D tuning)
12:13 Metal tones (Drop D tuning)

Single coil sound samples
13:11 Both amp channels with all controls at 12 o’clock
13:26 Clean tones
14:42 Indie rock tones
15:53 Classic rock tones
16:50 Hard rock tones
17:46 Alt rock tones
17:59 Punk rock tones
18:41 Progressive rock tones (Drop D tuning)
19:38 Metal tones (Drop D tuning)

20:10 Running the Friedman BE-OD overdrive pedal into the Tweedy
20:33 Running the Harley Benton Duality Delay & Reverb into the amp’s FX Loop

21:23 Epiphone Les Paul classic rock loop
26:11 Fender Telecaster indie rock loop

30:12 My thoughts
30:28 What I like about the amp: sounds
32:14 It takes pedals well
32:41 Size, weight, price, build quality
32:56 Headphones out and Bluetooth capability
33:46 This amp is LOUD!
34:09 The Voice control
34:48 What I don’t like: no reverb
35:19 No direct recording out
35:56 What’s the competition for the Tweedy?
37:51 My final conclusion on the Tweedy
38:18 Thanks and goodbye

My setup was as follows: I ran the Tweedy into my BluGuitar BluBOX virtual cab sim pedal, which went straight into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, and which went into Logic Pro X. For the pedal demos, I used the Friedman BE-OD and the Harley Benton Duality delay/reverb. That's it. No post-processing on the sounds was done.

Here’s some links to those bits of gear:

Friedman BE-OD:
Harley Benton Duality:
BluGuitar BluBOX:
Focusrite 4i4 (this is the newer equivalent of my 2i4, which they don’t make any more!):


Backing music from the YouTube Audio Library: Duck In The Alley – TrackTribe.

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