KAT Studio-One Guitar Amplifier Unboxing & Features - For Brian May Tone at Home

In this video I unbox and show you around the Studio-One 1W RMS guitar amplifier developed by Nigel Knight of Knight Audio Technologies (KAT) for people who want to emulate the distinctive Queen tones achieved by Brian May from his Vox AC30 amplifiers but in domestic environments or small venues. It is hand assembled by Nigel, weighs 6 kg and measures just 385 x 290 x 170 mm. It has three vacuum tubes (valves), 1 x ECC82 and 3 x ECC83 and an integral six position attenuator and is strongly reminiscent in appearance and construction of a Vox AC30.

00:00 - Introduction
00:48 - Ordering the amplifiers from www.deacyamp.com
01:44 - Unboxing the three amplifiers
02:30 - Control panel features, input jack, control switches
03:04 - Size comparison with Vox VBM-1 and Vox AC30
03:36 - Measuring the dimensions
03:47 - Unscrewing and removing the rear panel
04:00 - Presenting the rear panel
04:07 - Taking a look at the loudspeakers and chassis in situ
04:22 - Removing the chassis
04:30 - Close up still images of the amplifier internal features
04:59 - Switching on the three amplifiers
05:03 - Switching on the KAT Brian May replica rig
05:22 - Three amp chorus setting clean and distorted
05:47 - Three amp Brian May solo delay
06:36 - Outro

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