Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Cover by Rob & Charlotte // LIVE Highlight #1)

An intimate, stripped-down lounge, jazzy cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" by Rob & Charlotte, performed at the Capuchin Chapel on November 20th 2021 during Sint-Truiden By Lights & Music

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Guitar: Rob Vandenborne
Vocals: Charlotte Van Hove

Engineered by Kristof Daniels (DSV Event Support)
Mixed by Rob Vandenborne at Poetwannes Records HQ in Sint-Truiden, Belgium


I am proudly endorsed by:

- Guttlin Guitars http://www.Guttlin.be
- Earthquaker Devices http://www.EarthquakerDevices.com
- Magnetic Effects http://www.MagneticEffects.net
- MEElectronics http://www.Meelec.com
- InTuneGP Guitar Picks http://www.InTuneGP.com

Gear Used:
- 1991 Fender Japan ST-54G-65 Stratocaster CUSTOM ORDER (Translucent Charcoal Purple, Custom V-shape neck profile, Lace Sensor Pickups, TBX Tone Control + Active Preamp, Gold Hardware, ...)
- Electro Voice RE-20 Microphone (on vocals and guitar amps)
- 1960's WEM ER15 Amplifier + 1x12" Celestion G12-65 Heritage Series speaker
- 2000's Dumble Steel String Singer Amplifier (DIY Build)


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