Kauffmann Mark-One guitar amplifier | Early 70's rock to plexi heaven. Channel 1 explained.

The foundation for the MK1 was an EL34 2 channel chassis that relies very much on the early JTM45 sound on channel one and the more saturated vibe on channel 2. This because we think the clean sounds with a dirty edge are sometimes forgotten in guitarsound history. The sweet high ends and light compressed low ends from the first Marshall amps are the perfect platform for every sound you have in mind, regardlessly which guitar you use. One channel 1 this is all available and turning up the gain on this channel brings you to the early ‘70ies rock vibe we all do need. It cleans up perfectly just by turning down the volume on your guitar, all in all a drive pedal saving channel.

Flicking the channel switch to the right you are in Plexi heaven. Even this channel will clean up like you had in mind but the what it does best is make your guitar sing like you’ve never heard before. Please do remember: allthough it has enough gain it is not about gain but sustain. Never loose focus on your actual tone. Channel 2 on the Kauffmann MK1 puts a big, wide smile on almost every costumer in our store that stops by to check is out.

The layout is simple and effective. Presence, bass, middle and treble that works on both channels. Every channel has it’s own master and gain. Channel switching can be done on the amp or with the included 2 button footswitch. Channel 1 has a dedicated 3 way bright cap that helps you tweak the balance in tone between the 2 channels. A switchable and variable boost (the knob is on the back) helps you stand out even more on the right moment.

On the back we provided a effect send and return and a variable line-out for for example wet-dry-wet setups or recording situations. Hand build in the Netherlands and exclusively available at Kauffmann’s Guitar Store: The Kauffmann MK1. Make sure to check it out when you are ready.
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