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KEF's LS60 Wireless powered speakers give you big, reference-level sound in a pair of slim tower speakers, making it easy to stream music without needing a separate amp or receiver. They deliver deep bass and the kind of stereo separation KEF is known for.

The KEF LS60 Wireless stereo powered speakers are available in three colors:
Mineral White: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2VZ/p_991LS60WWH/KEF-LS60-Wireless-Mineral-White.html

Titanium Grey: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2VZ/p_991LS60WTG/KEF-LS60-Wireless-Titanium-Grey.html

Royal Blue: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2VZ/p_991LS60WBL/KEF-LS60-Wireless-Royal-Blue.html

KEF calls the driver system "Single Apparent Source," because as configured, and along with KEF's Uni-Q array, it sounds like low, mid, and high frequencies all emanate from a single source. It helps KEF achieve their trademark pinpoint accuracy when playing back stereo music.

The LS60 Wireless have serious power built in. The tweeter gets 100 watts of Class-A/B power, the mids get 100 watts of Class-D power, and the woofers get a whopping 500 watts of Class-D juice. This ensures that not only do you hear and feel the impact of your music at listening volumes, but the speakers also sound great and retain their dynamics when played at lower volumes.

The LS60 Wireless offer many ways to connect. Wirelessly, you've got dual-band Wi-Fi for connecting to your home network and streaming high-quality music. There's also Bluetooth for easy playback from your phone or tablet. On the wired side, you've got connections for ethernet, plus optical inputs for connecting a digital source. There's even an eARC HDMI port, making these a wonderful set of TV speakers.

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0:00 Intro and unboxing
0:20 KEF Uni-Q driver array
0:51 Force-canceling woofers
1:10 Serious power built in
1:31 Wireless streaming
2:03 HDMI and other wired connections
2:53 KEF Connect app
3:15 Rodell's initial impressions
3:45 De-coupled plinth
4:00 Stereo imaging
4:23 Bass response
4:38 Dial in your sound in the app
5:07 Recap and contact info
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