Kevin Parker Inspired Sound

This is an impromptu jam in Tame Impala inspired style music. I'm a big fan of Kevin Parker and in this video I try to replicate the nuance of Tame Impala's sound. This is not an exact replica of Kevin's board, you will see some of his pedals but not 100% accurate in it's entirety, I just use whatever on my drawer and have fun with it. Please enjoy!

Pedals in this video :
Apollo Approved Silicon Fuzz Face
GFI System Skylar
Chasebliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM
GFI System Rossie
Empress Compressor
Catalinbread Valcoder
Hardwire Tube Overdrive
Diamond Vibrato
Empress Echosystem
Strymon Deco

Amp Blackstar ST James Combo 1x12
Mic Cascade Fathead II
UAD Solo 610 Tube Preamp
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