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Klipsch builds on their success with The Fives powered speakers with The Sevens and The Nines, both of which offer bigger drivers and more power while delivering Klipsch's legendary sound.

Klipsch The Sevens: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2XJ/shopsearch/klipsch_the_sevens.html

Klipsch The Nines: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2XJ/shopsearch/klipsch_the_nines.html

The best thing about The Sevens and The Nines are that they are so versatile. You can stream to them, plug in your TV, even connect a turntable. They've got a 24-bit/192kHz DAC and a USB input if you want to play high-res files. The HDMI input is ARC-compatible, so these speakers can really be the heart of your system.

The Sevens feature 6-1/2" drivers, with 80 watts of power driving each woofer. The Nines use an 8-inch driver with 100 watts of power driving each. Each speaker has a "R/L" switch on them, making it easy to find placement in the room. The dial control on the top can control the action, though you can use the included remote or the Klipsch app for more options.

The sound you get from either of these powered stereo speaker sets is vintage Klipsch: deep, rich, and detailed.

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0:34 Advantages of powered speakers
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1:18 Built-in DAC and premium sound
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1:52 Good bass even at low volumes
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