Korg ARP 2600 M Synthesizer Demo and Introduction

Hang out with Mylar Melodies in our studio, as he gives a beginner's introduction to the incredible new ARP2600m! With patch tips, effects processing and more. More on the Korg ARP2600m: https://bit.ly/Korg-ARP-2600M

Links to Gear Shown or Discussed: 
​⚙️ ARP2600m: https://bit.ly/Korg-ARP-2600M
​⚙️ Eventide Blackhole Pedal: https://bit.ly/Eventide-Blackhole-Pedal
​⚙️ Allen & Heath ZED 10: https://bit.ly/AllenandHeath-ZED-10-USB
​⚙️ Arturia MicroFreak: https://bit.ly/Arturia-MICROFREAK
​⚙️ Roland TR8S: https://bit.ly/Roland-AIRA-TR-8S

We have amazing software recreations of the ARP2600 too:
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