Lamborghini Urus gets a BESPOKE TUNE | Behind The Sound | Vol 7

Wow, what a system, it has been an absolute pleasure working on this fantastic project. As Lamborghini Audio System specialists here in the UK, we find ourselves always looking to set new levels, this system is honestly amazing! make sure you have subscribed for more content :)

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Audison bit Tune is a comprehensive tool for car audio technicians committed to delivering great sound. The bit Tune incorporates a suite of acoustic and electrical test and measurement functions, as well as sophisticated automated processes supported by Audison bit processors. Whether you prefer automated or manual system tuning, the bit Tune includes every tool needed!

Electrical RTA (OEM Integration)

Supports the Speaker inputs.

Test the signal on the speaker wires
Confirm low-bass content in subwoofer-adds
Test bass content at various volume levels
For full-range systems, confirm signal range and number of channels required
Compare two speaker wires:
Is polarity correct?
Does the OEM system use delay?
Does the OEM system have phase processing?
Which wiring polarity works best I use when I sum?
Signal voltage
Determine if you need a high-voltage LOC to handle 20V+ subwoofer channels
Prevents product failures
Determine if you should use RCA or speaker level inputs
Confirm your results before tuning
Acoustic Measurement (Tuning)
Large graph display
Check polarity of the speakers
Measure the sound in the car cabin
Higher-resolution RTA for detailed low-frequency response information
Spatial Averaging of multiple microphones eliminates artifacts
Target Curve support speeds tuning
Ability to Save measurements
The ability to Load saved measurements and display them at the same time as live measurements
Select any point on the graph and confirm exact dB and Frequency values

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