Laney LA-Studio - The Iconic '67 Supergroup Reimagined As A Studio Friendly, Low Wattage Valve Amp!

Dagan checks out the awesome new Laney LA-Studio! The LA-Studio is an Impulse Response loaded, 3W or 0.1 Watt version of the critical acclaimed LA30BL head. Loaded with a full Two Note Torpedo module, the LA-Studio is a real tube amp with all the benefits and ease of use of a digital plugin. Real hot tubes, real hot tone, real feel and real dynamics!

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Featuring 3 ECC83 Large Plate pre amp tubes and a 12BH7 Power Tube, the LA-STUDIO is a classic 3 Watt all tube head with some surprises up its sleeve. Simply hook up your LA-STUDIO to your Mac or PC, Load the Torpedo Remote software and get AAA access to every parameter you could desire. With Torpedo Remote, experience a level of freedom that you've only ever dreamed about and discover unrivalled creative capability!

00:00 LA-Studio Intro
01:48 Brief History Of This Amp's Origin, The Iconic Laney Supergroup.
2:17 This Amps AWESOME Unique Feature!
03:40 Specs & Original Retro Design
05:46 Tone Demo!
7:27 Switching Between The Inbuilt Two Notes IR Cabinets
12:43 Clean Tone With Gain Down
14:50 Dirt With An Added Overdrive Pedal
15:10 Switching Between The 4 Inputs
07:40 Final Thoughts

The LA-STUDIO ships pre-loaded with with 2 Laney DynlRs and 8 Two Notes DynIRs. There are also two further DynIRs available upon registration of the product.
DynIR is the next-generation of impulse response technology developed by Two Notes Audio Engineering. DynIR revolutionises the concept of a static impulse response: each DynlR Virtual Cabinet from Two Notes comes with & microphones, and a choice of multiple rooms. Using the Two Notes app, you can change the environment, move the mics around either in front or behind the cabinet, alter EQ and so much more. Hear the difference your tweaks make in real time and experience the future of on-demand tone, right here, right now!


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