Laney Tube Amp Head 5 Watts L5 Studio

Designed, engineered & made with pride in Great Britain, the L5-STUDIO is the first – and only – Single-Ended Class ‘A’ tube amplifier that has the ability to interface directly with any DAW, across any platform, using Laney’s unique T-USB technology. The L5-Studio is ideal for home and studio use, it can be run silently using the high-quality internal dummy load which means it can be used at any time day or night. The L5-Studio delivers an amazing array of clean, crisp, dynamic and open guitar tones. Whatever your style, play through a Lionheart and you’ll be amazed at how it reacts to your touch.

Single-ended (SE) power output stages are probably the simplest form of power amplifier design and usually used for relatively small amplifiers, e.g., less than 15W. SE can only operate cleanly in Class A mode and produce an output rich in even harmonic distortion.

The T-USB interface supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal – split left and right to your DAW – directly into either your PC/MAC or iPad*.

In order to let you operate your tube amplifier silently we have included an internal dummy load. This means that you can use your amplifier without the need to connect an external load (speaker) to it, without fear of damaging your amplifier.

On-board studio quality reverb. Reverb gives you a sense of the space that you are in. A dry guitar signal can sound a little dull. Adding the right about of reverb provides the guitar signal with ambience and brings it to life.

Amplifier is provided with the kind courtesy of Davis Guitar Singapore

* PC & IOS platforms
* Hand selected tubes ECC83 & EL84 loaded
3 ECC83 preamp tubes, and an EL84 output tube
* Totally silent operation
* REAL TUBE tone directly into your DAW
* Lionheart embroidered slip cover included
* FS2-MINI supplied
* Switchable FX loop
* On-board studio quality reverb

* Item dimensions: 190mm x 420mm x 185mm (HWD)
* Carton dimensions: 300mm x 595mm x 290mm (HWD)
* Item weight: 8.7kg

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Schecter Jack Fowler
UAD Apollo Twin Duo
Digital Performer 9.5
with Line 6 Helix Native
Original melody composition by © Jonathan Koh

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