Lecture #6: How to add punch to a mix by modulating the stepped triangle wave

In this lecture we show how to modulate the Moog Matriarch's stepped triangle wave modulation source using the Kong SQ-1 sequencer. This patch will offer a pseudo-random modulation of the Korg MS-20 high-pass and low pass filters. (later in the video you can experience how this patch can really punch into a mix!) Then, we will show how to layer a total five semi-modular synths with 9 oscillators (plus 2 from the DFAM) into this mix using a flow diagram. Next, we emulate 5 quadra-verb effects processors (one for each synth) using Ableton and patch all of this in to one great big 9 oscillator and 5 quadra-verb instrument. And of this wasn't enough for you . . . we play it all, "LIVE" before a studio audience (well sort of live). All of the patch and routings are shown for you to duplicate and explore on your own. If you are a subscriber, click on the community tab of this channel and you can download the Quadra-Verb Emulation.adg file. This is for you to port in to Ableton and use.
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