Ledlabs electronic project lab

The new updated Ledlabs educational learning lab. Available soon for sale through ebay shop.
A favourite system for hobby and education, and a nice size electronics lab, not to small.

arduino dot matrix Educational Electronics micro lab board pic, raspberry pi, basic stamp
Led labs, Is an electronic workbench for students and hobbyists,
designed with you in mind. This Copyrighted and Design right lab, allows Micro-controllers such as the arduino or pic module or raspberry pi to be used with this board, and has on board electronic facilities to aid in program design etc.
This lab is not just for micros other electronic experiments can be undertaken.

The demonstration shows, the on board low pass filter circuit picking up bass frequencies and other devices acting on it.

Led Labs includes circuit diagrams and instructions for each of the modules which could also aid in building a working version of your own prototype or experiment based around your code..

How could Led Labs assist you!

Other integrated circuits / logic gates etc can also be used.
Some of the features included:
atmega 328p as used in the arduino to work in conjunction with other modules on board.
3 x 8 bit shift registers, whose outputs are connected to leds.
driver ics for dot matrix displays
Ldr light / dark sensors Thermistor warm / cold sensors
Monostable trigger circuit
Operational amplifier / Comparator circuits
7 segment counter display / pulse counter with carry out functions
Switches, sounders, 8 ohm speaker
Pull up resistors / pull down resistors resistor bank,
Potentiometer settings for devices
Analoge / digital volt meters
Micro controller port with breakout connectors
Prototyping bread board
Crystal clocks on board
Various opto indicators
large transistor driven 1W led, including Uv and IR
Astable clock generator with frequency adjust, 1Hz to 50Khz
Stepper motor driver circuit on board
159hz low pass filter and microphone circuit, pwm out
audio amp
vco circuit
op amps, unity gain amplifier, voltage follower, buffer
capacitor store
counter circuits, decade counters

These can provide triggers for your micro-controllers and show outputs to ensure certain events happen at the correct times etc, according to your program code.

System comes supplied in kit form with pcb and components instructions and schematics. Soldering knowledge is required to complete the lab.
or fully built and tested.
system is powered by a usb 1amp psu or battery usb power bank, not supplied.
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