Let's build the world's greatest guitar amplifier Part 9.2

This segment will be a long one... I had to break it up into three parts and it is still too long. We finally get to drilling the chassis, and installing all the parts! Interestingly, if I have a full day to devote to just building the amp I can do so in a day. All three videos totaled 3 hrs. of which most of the time was spent explaining things. It sort of trips me out how when I am just in the zone and doing it, I just do it, but as soon as I have to think about how to explain it, show the work and try to contextualize it all, I fumble about, make mistakes and my attention is diverted. I am working on ways to make my productions more engaging, informative, and interactive, and I hope I will soon! Thanks for watching, if you did, and I hope to provide you with much more interesting and engaging videos soon.
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