Liam Newitt- Stupid schooling system album (official audio)

Huevehnn Records ©2022

Welcome to the video focusing on my fourth official studio album “Stupid schooling system” below are the deeper meanings and ideas I had in mind for my album during the production.

Toddler is the first song of the album; it focuses on the youngest age that schools start from.

Play group comes for the young crazy man

Passing time frames run along in part of the setup for schooling systems begin

Pre school Is where the schooling system begins and is the start of the hellish journey to come.

Aged a little takes place after pre school during the summer.

Primary school has now arrived. It's time to continue the dread that is schools.

Primary school is over, but now it's time to spend a huge Summer in hell. Just when the school time ends, there is still drama afterwards.

Summer in hell focuses on the negative aspects of summer in a destroyed family.

Save me is about trying to reach out for help while dealing with a horrible bunch of family mayhem.

Phew. Lucky escape from drama. Time to take a quick break.

September arrives at an excellent time. Let's continue dealing with school shall we?

Exploring Secondary school and experiencing new troubleshooting turns.

Results day is here, how well has Crazy man done? There's only one way to find out.

Another bad summer comes, will it be as bad as last time or worse?

College can now help Crazy man gain a little more experience in time for where he envisioned himself in the future.

Graduation from college came quickly.

Crazy man has Met a girl. Now it's time to see how they get on.

University gave Crazy man a space, and now he joins in to achieve his dream.

Being a Professional student couldn't be any better after all happy occurrences had risen.

Breaking free never came with a price.

Crazy man is taking a look back at his memories and realized how much of a Stupid schooling system the time he spent in education was. Now there's no turning back, onwards he goes.
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