Lightweight Live Setup for Bluegrass Guitar! | Rig Rundown

My Lightweight Live Setup for bluegrass guitar! In this video post, I break down my current setup that I use for live performances and detail how it's configured and what musical situations I use it for. This setup is great for any sized venue or show. You can also use it for performances with all-acoustic bands or for a mix of acoustic and electric instruments.

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00:00 - Intro
00:39 - L.R. Baggs Venue D.I.
03:05 - Boss DD-20 Delay Pedal
04:31 - Fishman Acoustic Amplifier
06:18 - Power Strip
07:05 - Floor Fan
07:37 - Microphone Stand
08:22 - Outro

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** GEAR **

L.R. Baggs Venue D.I. ➜

Boss DD-20 Delay Pedal ➜

Fishman Acoustic Amplifier ➜

Floor Fan ➜

Picks (Dunlop Primetone 1.5mm) ➜

Capo (Shubb Deluxe Series) ➜

Strings (Elixir Phosphor Bronze) ➜

Tuner (Peterson StroboClip Strobe Tuner) ➜

Yairi WY1
(Madsen Dreadnaught) ➜
(Martin HD-28V) ➜

(Dampit Guitar Humidifier) ➜
(Room Humidifier) ➜

Microphone (Blue Baby Bottle Condenser Mic) ➜
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