LINE 6 Metallurgy Plugins - Metal

Got a chance to try the Metallurgy Line 6 Plugins. Yay or Nay?

DISCLAIMER: Line 6 sent me a license for these plugins, but that doesn't effect what I say about the product. Line6 has no saying in how I'm making the video. I was actually gonna buy it to make a video but they insisted on sending a license.

0:00 - Intro
1:28 - Modern
3:30 - Impulse Responses
4:45 - Third-Party IRs
5:52 - Capo
6:31 - Thrash
10:04 - Doom
12:09 - Back To The Thrash
12:57 - Cabinet Section
14:06 - Dialing In Sounds
15:46 - Closing Thoughts
16:41 - Outro

I'm Ola Englund and welcome to my channel. A channel dedicated to guitar related gear with a focus on metal. I also play in the metal bands The Haunted & Feared and run a guitar company

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