Line magnetic 845ia with NUPRiME Stream 9 Evolution DAC [Alpha Audio TH]

The Streaming Audiophile system at Alpha audio: high-end audio and Home Cinema store in Phuket

Integrated amplifier: Line magnetic LM-845ia, recommended component by Stereophile magazine 6 yrs in a row
Preamplifier: Line magnetic LM-512CA is one of the most exquisite sounds in this price range
Phono: Line magnetic LP-33, Tube phono sound great good design
Turntable: Gold Note Giglio Walnut + Gold Note Donatello MC Gold
DAC: NUPRIME Evolution reference DAC
Speakers: Vintage JBL L300 1970
Accessories: Viborg audio speaker cable and interconnection, affordable high-end sound
Power conditioner: NUPRiME Audio Pure AC-4 / Viborg audio Cryo -196°C
Streaming: NUPRIME Stream 9 network transport
Recorder: Shure MV88+ on iPhone

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