Line magnetic As-125 LM-32DAC Rogers LS-3/5a | Temptation- Diana Krall [ Alpha audio TH ]

The Streaming Audiophile system at Alpha audio: high-end audio and Home Cinema store in Phuket

Integrated amplifier: Line magnetic AS-125 (Inspired by Western Electric 618 the legendary)
a very analog integrated tube amp
DAC: Line magnetic LM-32 DAC, tube DAC that worth every penny
Speakers: Rogers LS3/5a new classic made in UK
Accessories: Viborg audio speaker cable and interconnection, affordable high-end sound
Power conditioner: NUPRiME Audio Pure AC-4 / Viborg audio Cryo -196°C
Streaming: Roon
Recorder: Shure MV88+ on iPhone

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