Listening to Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs' MOST UNDERRATED One-Step on a $50,000 + Hi-Fi system! Watch

Please join me:
1. As I test and reveal Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs most UNDERRATED and BEST sounding One-Step on a $50,000 + Hi-Fi system.

2. I discuss Craft Recordings' latest One-Step release of Relaxing with Miles Davis’ Quintet.

3. Chat about the latest Mobile Fidelity and Analogue Productions news and releases.

4. Unbox and discuss the mastering of Rush’s 40th anniversary box set release of Moving Pictures.

5. Have a look at my dream MOFI One-Step or Analogue Productions UHQR WISHLIST release.

The $50,000 + system used to test Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs' most UNDERRATED One-Step was as follows:

Pure Fidelity Harmony Turntable
Origin Live Conqueror Arm
Pure Fidelity Stratos Cartridge
Aavik S280 Network Music Player
Aavik D280 DAC
Aavik R280 Phono Preamp
Aavik I280 Integrated Amp
Torus Power RM20 Isolation Transformer
Ansuz D2 Cables
Ansuz D2 Network Switch
Ansuz Darkz D-TC Supreme (under speakers)
Sonus Faber Maxima Amator speakers

Watch now!!
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