Live in Pompeii 50th Anniversary Pink Floyd PA Recreation

We recreated a Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii PA Rig with Chris Hewitt of CH Vintage Audio to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original recording date in 1971.

For the book visit: https://bit.ly/2ZVnOhd

Put together by Westley Bone of Troglodyte Music and Chris Hewitt of CH Vintage Audio

CH Vintage Audio - Equipment , PA and Backline, vintage cases etc

Troglodyte Music - All filming and Audio recording equipment

Westley Bone Producer / Editor / Presenter
Dan Haworth-Salter       DP
Mark Branigan                Second Camera Unit
Dan Bradley                    Third Camera Unit and Drone
Ross Clarke-Trevis         Field Audio Recording
Richard Stilwell               Production Assistant 

Chris Hewitt - Event Supervisor
Geoff Goddard - electronics, wiring and sound and more
Nick Davis- photos, lead manufacture, splitter box manufacture, dish frame manufacture and more

Tim Davis- lead manufacture
Jayne Owen and Sylvia Goddard – food and drink
Stephen Screech Johnson – lifting crew
Tom Hewitt- lifting crew and driving
Matthew Hewitt- emergency drinks run
Gary Lipton - artwork design

Thanks to
Jeff Lewis at Matamp for cabinet building , Harry Joyce UK Amplifiers, Rawson Sparfield
Loudspeakers, Grange Products, Barry Hughes at Hughes Fabrication Northwich, all at Brookes
Engineering Northwich, Roy and Jonathan Johnson, Chris Leather at Car-go vehicle repairs and
Jason and Andy at Wicked Styling Northwich for The Avis Transit restoration, Barry Atherton for
cabinet building

Brother Jonj Henshaw for the use of his kit
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