LM3886 Special Edition Amplifier Board Building And Testing

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In today's video, we have shown - how to make an amplifier board using the very respectful IC, LM3886, which gives 68w output into 4 ohms with very low Distortion and Extremely low noise. This IC is considered to be one of the Best ICs available in the market. This IC is also used even in some of the Studio Monitors.
The concept of this design is to have an excellent sounding mono Amplifier based on very respectful IC , the LM3886 , which gives
68W of continuous Avg. Output into 4 ohm and 38W Cont. Avg. Output Power into 8Ω at VCC = 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz–20kHz.
This PCB design is done in such a way that we can add multiple mono channels side by side on one heatsink and have multiple channel amplifier . Like 2 channels , 5 channels , 8 channels multi-zone etc. The Power Tracks are Exposed so that we can Tin them to increase their current handling capabilities. It also has In-built Zobel network and very compact design, i.e. 65mm x 50mm only.

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