Looking Back at the Nintendo DS Systems! [DS Play Log Ep. 1] | Mikeinoid

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The Nintendo DS is a handheld I grew up with, so I want to look back at a bunch of different games that came out for the system. The DS Play Log is a series that covers a bunch of DS games! The pilot episode is all about the different systems, because with out them, we wouldn't be able to play the games!

Music Used:
Fossil Fighters - Hotel
Mario Party DS - Piracy is No Party!
Pokémon Black & White - Opelucid City
Mario Kart DS - Credits
Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver - Battle Gym Leader
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Pokémon League (Nighttime)
Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night - Light the Fire Up in the Night (Sasakure UK Remix)

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