Looking For A Simple Way To Improve Your Life? Use Systems! Message 2/365

This is message 1 out of 365 inspirational messages. I decided to create 365 messages (yes 1 per day), in 2021, to inspire everyone along their way to creating a better life for themselves.

The full playlist is here:

The facebook album with the main quotes is here:

Music arranged, mixed & mastered by Zephyr Khambatta.
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The advice & guidance in these messages is not time-sensitive, so you can play a short 2 minute video a day ever year if you like, so feel free to save the playlist, or pick the messages you like most & create your own playlist!

You should be able to see the short versions of each of these messages on my Instagram or Facebook - links below.

Thanks, and I hope this helps you!

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Hi, thanks for watching. I'm Zephyr, former rule follower, living in Singapore. I was a top student and went to the best schools in Singapore and then dropped out of the National University of Singapore to go get a degree in music and have had authentic success quickly. I've had an interesting journey to say the least which started from music, to then teaching and coaching to then spirituality and life success. I'm enthusiastic about life and I'm a strong proponent of being authentic to yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. I've overcome many hurdles in my life and achieved success in the fields I've chosen with ease, and I'm now sharing how to with the world via this channel. You can read more about me on my website and my course pages to see if I can help you out with anything. Just think of me as a friend. Cheers to being us! Reach out if your story is interesting, I might just interview you on my show as well!

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