Loopy Pro Looper, DAW, Sampler - Tutorial Part 2: Starting up with Audio Loop Recording

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Loopy Pro - Tutorial Part 2: Starting up with Audio Loop Recording


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This video get you started on audio / clip / loop recording. Very straight forward. Make sure you know what your hardware input is even if it is the iPad microphone and ensure you have monitoring off if you are recoding using the iPad microphone. Of course you might have an audio interface instead of using the iPad microphone and that is fine as Loopy Pro supports the selection of Input channels as well.

The video covers the following:

- Recording of loops
- Overdubbing of recording
- re-align the loop
- change the volume of the loop recording
- Loopy pro loop length and tempo detection
- loop start and stop quantisation
- disabling of microphone monitoring
- clearing of recording on loops
- trimming of waveform recorded
- metronome sounds
- metronome flashing as metronome

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