Los Chichanos, LimicTV Live Stream

The band behind Edinburgh’s underground fiesta scene, Los Chichanos are a combo formed to heat up the city with pumping Latin music. Mixing a full percussion section, powerful vocals, vintage guitar solos and mesmerizing Peruvian melodies from the Amazon and the Andes, Los Chichanos perform “chicha” or Jungle Cumbia. The style of Latin music has experienced a worldwide boom in recent years, and it’s clear why – tropical vibes, jungle sounds, experimental guitar-driven songs, 60s organ leads and the hot energy of a salsa conjunto. This music was written to make bodies move and minds travel. 

With members from Brazil, USA, Australia and the UK, the international combo formed in Scotland in 2021 and their shows regularly reach capacity across Edinburgh, popular with lovers of Latin music, late night dance circles and tropical travellers. Using traditional cumbia rhythms and full-powered salsa percussion on congas, bongos, guira and drumkit, the group mixes experimental electric guitar and vintage synth effects, exploring ‘60s psychedelic sounds at times. This is the whole Los Chichanos sound, something ideal for transforming a cold and crisp Scottish landscape into a sizzling exotic soundscape. Let Los Chichanos lead you on their tropical expedition across the Latin dancefloor and deep into the misty South American rainforest. 

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