Lost Society – 112 | Full Bass Cover

This is a bass cover of the new 2022 single "112" by Lost Society, from their upcoming 2022 release "IF THE SKY CAME DOWN".

I've found myself quite liking Lost Society these last few releases. Catchy riffs, killer choruses and an immense amount of energy behind it all that can just be felt all over. I haven't had the opportunity to get my bass set up for thicker strings so this one was done with a set of 40-100.

Hope you like it!

Drop Bb – Bb F Bb G

Gear I used:
Dingwall D-Roc Standard 4 in Vintage Sunburst
Boss TU-3
Darkglass Super Symmetry Compressor
Ibanez PD7
Way Huge Pork & Pickle
Darkglass B7K Ultra v2
Focusrite ISA One
RME Babyface Pro FS

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