Lukather NAILED IT! The Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III w/Ben Eller

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Hey kids! Its Uncle Ben Eller, and i just got home from glorious Sweetwater HQ with a little souvenir for myself! While we were out filming together, my good buddy @Riffs, Beards & Gear fell in love with an Ocean Sparkle Luke III by Ernie Ball Music Man, and i knew i had to have one for myself.... plus now we're guitar twins, which is just adorable. Now that i'm home with guitar in hand, i wanted to give you guys a rundown on what makes this thing so darn great here on Meet the Machines!
Steve Lukather likes things that are nice. This guitar is REAL REAL nice. Do i need to get it a fuchsia sibling? Let me know in the comments.
EBMM Luke 3 into the Fractal Audio Axe fx 3. Thats it. Zero post processing. This patch is my Ghostly rhythm patch i used in that Drop D Ghost lesson, you can get it on my Patreon!
What Luke Licks should we learn together? Let me know in the comments!
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