MACHINE HEAD | GUITAR TONE & GEAR | Peavey 5150, TS808, EMG81 etc.

I wrote a song in the spirit of Machine Head and I go through the gear I used & what Machine Head uses / has used. And also how I mixed the song guitar wise.


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- Intro & general info: 0:00
- The MH Song: 1:21
- Some history: 4:05
- The gear: 5:11
- The signal chain: 7:39
- 5150 Block Letter: 8:48
- Tuning: 10:01
- Techniques: 11:18
- JCM800 The Bad Boy: 12:58
- My settings (on this one): 14:20
- Both amps: 16:40
- The Mix: 18:13
- Some thoughts about gear in general: 30:14

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