Mackie's New Battery Powered Potable Loudspeaker Thump Go

The Mackie Thump GO 8-inch Portable Battery-powered Loudspeaker delivers the full, well-balanced projection of a Mackie loudspeaker in a lighter-weight package for easier on-the-go use. An 8-inch custom high-output woofer pairs with a 1-inch compression driver to provide powerful audio with incredible dynamic range, ensuring a full bass sound with hard-cutting treble. The Thump GO is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery with up to 12 hours of life; a tri-color battery life indicator ensures you can reliably keep the tunes playing all day long. You can stream music from any device with its Bluetooth connectivity, link to another Thump GO for maximum playback, and control everything via the Thump GO Connect app. Here at Sweetwater, we love the smart capabilities of the Thump GO's 2-channel digital mixer with XLR outputs, including "Music Ducking mode" to automatically lower channel two when channel one receives signal. With four application-specific speaker modes and indoor/outdoor voicing modes, as well as a built-in pole mount, you can also take your Thump GO setup outside. Rest it on the ground with ease at its 45-degree monitor angle, knowing that its durable molded enclosure and rugged powder-coated steel grille will keep it protected. Whether you're looking to stream music or set up a PA, the Thump GO is your lightweight, portable loudspeaker solution for any larger indoor or outdoor space. - Written by Sweetwater's Product Research Team

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Winner 3: 1x EM-89D, 1x MP-460, 1x MP-BTA

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