Mad Synth #3 How to read your keyboard with a microcontroller?

Addictive Synthesis episode three

In this rushed fourth installment of the synth series I'll try to show you how to read what
keys are being pressed in a musical keyboard (using only a scavenged keybed). Sorry for the
long wait and low energy but things will finally improve next month. See you then :)

Harmonics wiki:
keyboard how-to:
keyboard schem:

Soundtrack: White Bat Audio - Arcadia

00:00 Introduction of the task ahead
01:04 The many topologies to achieve it
04:37 My circuit design
06:50 Load Resistance
10:00 Choosing the right OpAmp
11:11 My mistake while coding
13:57 ESP32 GPIO's and registers
14:35 What lies ahead
15:57 input FSM
16:44 Ending?
17:46 Removed features and next steps
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