Make Deep bass amplifier using transistor 13007

helo friends I am rk patra and Iam going to show you in this video how to make a deep Bass amplifier circuit using transistor MJE 13007 ,It is very easy amplifier circuit, you can make this amplifier easily at home

components required
1-MJE 13007. ,2
2- capacitor. 50v,1000uf. -1
3- resistance. -1k ohms. -1
4- potentiometer. 100k. -1
5- Heatsink

2-ic 6283 stereo wiring

3-ic 6283 subwoofer out/heavy bass

4-old cfl bulb se amplifier banye

5-Tda 2030 Subwoofer out

6-led smd tester

7-how to make 12 volt 2 am betrry charger

8- how to make 2 to 12 volt regulator

9-how to make bloototh speakers

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