Making a Slim Aero-ported Box for Dual 8 Inch Car Subwoofers

Get your car bumpin' with these two mighty beefy 350w RMS eight inch subwoofers! Factory specified dual 4 Ohm voice coils each and wired into 1 Ohm final impedance that now can handle up to 1400w RMS amplifier power without worrying about any distortions being in the way.

Straight out of the box open air resonance Fs of 45Hz and we about to build a box that is tuned 2 Hz higher. So grab a drink, sit back, relax and watch this cool video!

00:00 - Start with subwoofer box designing tool, Bass Box Pro 6.

Box is entirely made of cheap marine plywood for a light weight. I've managed to have its port a 4 inch opening and flared up to 6 inch. Also a small flare on the other side.

00:25 - 3D design is available on TinkerCad website. Link - https://www.tinkercad.com/things/8O3OUHGW7u5
01:35 - Category 7 CSW8-350D4 subwoofers quick unbox.
02:15 - How to flush mount subwoofer.
02:30 - This is how I cut diagonal panels on the table saw.
03:00 - Traditional way of flaring PVC pipes.
04:20 - Showcase the inner beauty before putting the cover.
05:00 - Painting and prepping the DIY PVC port pipe.
06:00 - This is how to perfectly carpet subwoofer box.

When carpeting subwoofer box, I always use rubber contact cement, spread it lightly and stretch the carpet evenly on all sides. Then tuck the seams into the notch I cut using plunge router.

07:45 - Measuring the enclosure impedance and tuning using Dayton Audio DATS v3.
08:15 - Measured system tuning is 46Hz at 1.28 Ohms
08:20 - Quick product showcase before the big subwoofer bass test!
08:40 - Let's load the subwoofer enclosure into the boot space of a Honda CR-V 2018.
09:10 - DEMO TIME!

Ok that's it for now and I hope you love this build. You can copy the design if you like, there is a link I provided above in the description. You need to create an account and login to TinkerCad so you can start using it and seeing the dimensions. Use laptop or computer web browser to open TinkerCad.

Please let me know what you think by commenting down in the comment section. And please click the Like button and perhaps share the video on your Facebook timelines. See you in the next video! Have a nice week ahead of you.
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